Hi First Avenue! As  you can tell, the second edition, the Quarter 2 edition, of the FA Spartan Scoop has just been published! Unfortunately, it was a few weeks too late, as we spend a bit too much time waiting for articles that never came. We, as editors, have decided that this isn’t enough. More … More ANNOUNCEMENT

Last Day of the Year

by Angela Chen, Lead Student Life Writer The last school day of 2015 was not just another typical school day with heads buried in textbooks or students scribbling furiously in their notebooks. Instead, it was filled with laughter, musicality and amazing memories made to make 2015 complete. The day started off with students filing into the auditorium … More Last Day of the Year

Quiz Bowl

by Veronica Chen Quiz Bowl is a highly competitive game not only needing attributes like speed and confidence but also knowledge and teamwork. This is not only a middle school competition, but a team at Arcadia HIgh School. A genuine academic and educational tournament, Quiz Bowl makes its yearly annual trip to the middle schools in … More Quiz Bowl


by Carolyn Chen   It’s a new year, and with a new year comes change. The week right back from a chilly winter break brought rain. On Monday, it was a pretty normal school day with everyone eating lunch in their usual spots, playing basketball, or hanging out in the field. Then, on Tuesday, it … More Rain!!

Students’ Lives Are too Hectic!

by Manasvi Chandra What many teachers don’t understand is that most students participate several extracurricular activities. They take part in various activities outside of school such as dance, sports, academic, music, art, and many more. Students also have seven other classes at school! Let me run some numbers by you. A day has twenty-four hours. … More Students’ Lives Are too Hectic!