November Editor’s Note

by Sandi Khine, Editor-in-Chief In this day and age, and especially in the competitive city of Arcadia, what is “good” is much more than what it has been several years ago. Every day, middle schoolers strive to compete and be better than their peers in a variety of subjects, whether it be music, athletics, or … More November Editor’s Note

A Note from Dr. Issa

by Dr. Issa, Guest Writer One of the best ways that the masses receive their news is through tv, newspapers and magazines. We are lucky to have a brief newscast every morning to update us on what’s happening and what’s coming up in the ensuing days or weeks. Unfortunately, what has been missing from FA … More A Note from Dr. Issa

Dry Grass on the Field

By Aditee Prabhutendolkar (Lead News Writer) It’s a sweltering hot day, and you unhappily realize that you have PE last period of the day.  The temperature might be in the 90’s, but you’re still doing PE.  Your PE teacher, however, is nice enough not to have you do push-ups on the warm, heat-absorbing black top. … More Dry Grass on the Field

Russian Plane Crash

by Susie Choi MOSCOW- A Russian charter plane carrying 224 passengers and crew from to St. Petersburg from a resort from Egypt crashed in the Sinai Peninsula soon after taking off, killing everybody aboard, said Egyptian and Russian officials. The plane, an Airbus A321, disappeared around 25 minutes after takeoff, according to official accounts. The … More Russian Plane Crash

A Trip to OSS!

by Angela Chen (Lead Student Life Writer) The week of OSS was one of the events the 7th graders had looked forward to the most in the school year; too bad that it only lasted for 5 days. The students looked back and recalled some of their favorite memories, dislikes and activities that were enjoyable. Many … More A Trip to OSS!