Dry Grass on the Field

By Aditee Prabhutendolkar (Lead News Writer)

It’s a sweltering hot day, and you unhappily realize that you have PE last period of the day.  The temperature might be in the 90’s, but you’re still doing PE.  Your PE teacher, however, is nice enough not to have you do push-ups on the warm, heat-absorbing black top.  Instead, your class gets to do push-ups, planks, and leg lifts on the beautiful, green grass on the field.  The only problem is that the grass on the field ISN’T BEAUTIFUL AND GREEN.  Instead, it’s spiky and prickly.  When you’re done lying down on it to work out, little pieces of dead grass will be stuck to your PE clothes and possibly tangled in your hair.  Students deserve nice grass to do PE on, because dry grass is really annoying.  There should be more sprinklers on the field, so that the grass can be watered regularly.  This can make a big difference to students.

It’s true that California is in a drought and that it’s important to conserve water.  However, the grass on the front lawn is very green, like it gets watered often.  The front lawn doesn’t need to be that pretty, except to be appealing to people who see the school.  The happiness of students who do PE is a lot more important than the thoughts of passerby.  If the front lawn has multiple sprinklers and is getting watered very often, then the field should be too.  If we are worried about the problem with the drought in California, then the sprinklers on the front lawn should be moved to the field.  This will make it easier to do PE on the field and we can use the sprinklers and water that we have in a more efficient way.


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