Russian Plane Crash

by Susie Choi

MOSCOW- A Russian charter plane carrying 224 passengers and crew from to St. Petersburg from a resort from Egypt crashed in the Sinai Peninsula soon after taking off, killing everybody aboard, said Egyptian and Russian officials.
The plane, an Airbus A321, disappeared around 25 minutes after takeoff, according to official accounts. The Egyptian transportation minister, Hossam Kamal, claimed that there were no signs of abnormality before the plane disappeared.
Mr. Kamal all the connections were completely fine before it vanished; according to NY Times, he said, “all was fine; the plane disappeared suddenly off the radar without any prior warning.”
Apparently, it had been trying to land at a nearby airport, but had been unsuccessful and created a ring of debris around it in the desert.
Islamist militarists claimed to have been the source of the plane’s downfall, but the Russian Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov rejected this claim by saying that it could not be considered reliable.
The plane had begun to descend at 31,000 feet. The general range of shoulder-fired missiles fired at Egyptian helicopters are 20,000 feet, which is clearly much lower.
Weather was also apparently no factor in the demise of the plane. The weather in the area was clear, CNN reported.
The plane held 217 passengers, 17 being children, along with 7 crewmen. All perished.
As of now, nothing is known as to how the plane crashed. Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, has ordered an investigation.

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