Hi First Avenue!

As  you can tell, the second edition, the Quarter 2 edition, of the FA Spartan Scoop has just been published! Unfortunately, it was a few weeks too late, as we spend a bit too much time waiting for articles that never came. We, as editors, have decided that this isn’t enough. More people are needed to keep the Scoop running, so we would like to send out a message to all students who are interested in writing or journalism and encourage you to be a part of the FA Spartan Scoop! Time and effort is required, but the responsibilities aren’t huge, so we believe that if you want to be involved at FA, then writing for the FA Spartan Scoop is for you!

We would greatly appreciate if you could spread the word to your friends and encourage them to join.

If you are interested, please contact us at or

Let’s make the next two editions of the FA Spartan Scoop the best ever!!

Thank you all so much!

-SSRC, editors


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