Dry Grass on the Field, Pt. 2

by Aditee Prabhutendolkar, Lead News Writer


Earlier this semester, the field at First Avenue was covered with dry grass, but the front lawn had green, healthy grass.  The two lawns should have been switched, because the field is in more need of green, soft grass than the front lawn, because students do PE on the field.  Push-ups, planks, and other workouts are hard enough already.  However, if you have to do them with dry grass poking and sticking to your palms, PE can practically become torture.  This is why the green grass that was on the front lawn should have been moved to the field.  It’s been about two months, and the grass on the front lawn has actually gotten considerably dryer, but the field has barely changed.  The grass is shorter, but it’s not any greener.  Doing PE on the dry grass on the field is still as annoying as it ever was.  The field should have more sprinklers so that it can get watered regularly.

However, this can also be taken as a sign that the drought in California has gotten considerably worse.  If neither the field nor the front lawn have green grass, then we really need water.  Thankfully, El Niño should start around January.  El Niño is a severe weather pattern which can result in heavy rain.  This would be really good for all the grass on First Avenue.  If the front lawn is green, it makes our school look a lot more visually attractive.  But more importantly, heavy rains can make the field have healthy, green grass.  Doing PE on it will be so much easier for students.


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