Girls Basketball FA vs Dana

by Yvonne Bee, Lead Sports writer

The boys and girls basketball A-teams are quite well known at First Avenue. These teams are composed of carefully selected male and female players.  A-team and B-team play against their respective A or B team from other schools. Girls on the A-team are coached by Mrs. Miller and captained by Emiley Thai. One of their more recent games was against Dana at the Dana gym, which took place on December 1. The number of Dana fans surpassed the number of First Ave fans, but the gym was filled with the Spartans’ cheers. At 3:41 PM, the game began. Within five minutes, First Ave player Annie Tran made two layups that gave FA a 4-0 lead. First Ave pulled off a stunning performance during the first half of the game.

Dana’s team must have started getting overwhelmed and frustrated; during the second half of the game, Dana had several minor fouls and rough play. Tran had to sub out due to a shoulder and mouth collision that lead to a bloody lip and bloody teeth. In addition, Sally Cha was fouled with a hug, drop, and shove just for possession of the ball. But these were no problems for FA; they pushed through and got back up. Miranda Chen made a layup with an assist from Hailey Lischke and Yesenia Gabriel, while Jojo Weng, Sally Cha, and Stephanie Lin scored some additional points for the team. Thai made an incredible three-pointer. At 4:30, the game ended, a 37-12 win for FA. It seems that everyone pitched in and contributed to the success of the team. All their hard work paid off and helped FA continue their undefeated streak of 3-0.     


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