Quiz Bowl

by Veronica Chen

Quiz Bowl is a highly competitive game not only needing attributes like speed and confidence but also knowledge and teamwork. This is not only a middle school competition, but a team at Arcadia HIgh School. A genuine academic and educational tournament, Quiz Bowl makes its yearly annual trip to the middle schools in Arcadia.

How To Play Quiz bowl

In order to play, entrants had to register at AHS on Dec. 18, which was also tournament day. Guidelines and rules for Quiz Bowl follow a simple format repeated throughout the game with an easily understandable objective. To further explain, each player was a on team that concurred with their respective schools. An overall eight teams were made and were later split into again into two different sets. The four teams initially competed against each other and the winner took on the other set’s victor.

Quiz Bowl questions were a variety and hodge podged. Each player on the any team could answer individually with their buzzer. If the player answered erroneously, five points were deducted from the team’s points and team members were inhibited from answering the same question. However if the player answered correctly then their team got a bonus in which they were given three questions each worth a handful of points. During this bonus, team members can discuss with each other. The contest then holds this pattern for twenty questions. At the end of the game, the team with the most points got the honour of being the champion.

Quiz Bowl Continuation

As mentioned earlier, Quiz Bowl is not only a middle school tournament but also an academic team at Arcadia High School. The high school Quiz Bowl team has competed at Nationals for over half a decade and part of only a select handful of schools that managed to get three teams into Nationals. Plus, the Quiz Bowl team travels extensively for multiple competitions against other Southern California schools.  Not only is Quiz Bowl a decorated academic team but also a great way to meet new people. High school members eagerly encourage future high schoolers to try out, saying that it is a very rewarding program.

      Worried about missing out? Don’t worry, the Quiz Bowl challenge will be back next year! To conclude, Quiz Bowl is not only an educational game but also a terrific way to meet new people and practice teamwork.


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