by Carolyn Chen


It’s a new year, and with a new year comes change. The week right back from a chilly winter break brought rain. On Monday, it was a pretty normal school day with everyone eating lunch in their usual spots, playing basketball, or hanging out in the field.

Then, on Tuesday, it started raining. Unlike the rain last year, this time it rained hard for the entire day. Although we are all aware of the drought condition in California and are grateful for the rain, sometimes we might think of how horrible it is. Water seeped through the seams of our shoes, wetting our toes and chilling our feet. Ugh. Protecting your backpack from getting soaked is also a challenge. Also, everyone is trying to stay dry, so the result is barely any elbow space in the cafeteria. And where to go at lunch? The majority of students are on the blacktop or field during lunch. Now with the rain, it can’t happen. Students must take refuge in the auditorium or various classrooms. The drawback of this is not getting any physical exercise, combined with no PE (excluding eighth graders who had to kettlebell workouts).

Of course, there are many good things that have come.The most obvious is the water helping out our drought problem. We’re probably all hoping for more rain to come in 2016. The grass in FA already seems greener.


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