Students’ Lives Are too Hectic!

by Manasvi Chandra
What many teachers don’t understand is that most students participate several extracurricular activities. They take part in various activities outside of school such as dance, sports, academic, music, art, and many more. Students also have seven other classes at school! Let me run some numbers by you.
A day has twenty-four hours. Middle schoolers need about nine hours of sleep each night. Students are in school for about six hours. If each teacher assigns forty-five minutes of homework, that would be five hours and fifteen minutes of homework in total. If each extracurricular class takes up one hour per day, that takes away twenty-one hours and fifteen minutes out of a student’s personal time. Throw in sixty minutes of exercise, and you have two hours and fifteen minutes left of your day. Add thirty minutes of chores, and thirty minutes of reading, and there’s only one hour and fifteen minutes left to eat, shower, brush your teeth, socialize, etc.
So teachers, please consider this article when assigning homework. This is actually a very vague description of a student’s life. Many kids have more extracurricular activities (I know I spend more than one hour on extracurriculars!), and others need to spend more time on chores or homework. Please try to understand and cut us some slack!


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