The Bathroom Bell Issue

by Clarisse Cao, Design Editor, and Sandi Khine, Editor-in-Chief

You wake up on a Monday morning, and it is cold. Incredible!! This never happens in California! Oh, the chilling horror of fifty degrees! Unfortunately, you still have to attend school in this disastrous weather. Throwing on a couple of layers, you hurry to school.

You manage to brave the freeze before school starts and during passing period. Sitting in period 2, you can only imagine what may come at break. When the bell rings, you courageously step out of the cozy classroom and meet your friends at your usual spot on campus. After a brief discussion with one of your equally freezing friends, you two decide to wimp out and reside in the surprisingly warm bathroom. You revel in the comforting warmth, chatting animatedly and making goofy faces in the mirror until you say, “hey, don’t you think break should be over by now?” Realization dawns on your faces, and you two rush out the restroom to your respective classes. You make it just before the tardy bell rings, thankful that your Period 3 teacher isn’t there yet.

So…what happened? Well, the bell, rang to signal the end of break since everyone else went to class. However, since you and your friend were in the bathroom, you didn’t hear the bell!! The sound of the bell simply can’t be heard inside the bathroom. Add to that the yelling, screaming, and running around of FA students and you can’t hear anything. This is a serious issue that plagues many of our First Avenue students. [or maybe it’s just the two of us]

A more troubling instance would be during a lockdown or a fire. Just this December there was a surprise fire drill that happened to occur during break. Of course, many people use the bathroom during break. And what happened? Well, they just kept doing their own thing, because they didn’t hear the bell and were not aware of what was happening in the outside!! So what if it had been the real thing? Not being able to hear the bell inside restrooms would cause so much trouble, and it most certainly is not safe! A student would not be able to hear the bell while in the bathroom during an emergency! Of course, the student would eventually have to come out and realize what is happening, but before that, there is no haste. If the bell could be heard inside restrooms, our students would be much safer.


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