Knott’s Berry Farm

by Carolyn Chen

Physics isn’t something you would call fun (unless you’re Kai Morita or Daniel Oo), but when combined with amusement parks, it is.

On Friday April 29th, the 8th graders of FA went on a long-awaited field trip to Knott’s Berry Farm. We got there at about 10 when the park opened, after an hour long bus ride. Then, after getting in our groups and entering the park, we were set free. This goes to show how special our school is. If it were any other school, it would be pretty difficult to trust a few hundred kids. In First Avenue, there is no hesitation from the staff with letting us roam the park in our own groups.

For future 8th graders going to Knott’s, some notable rides were Silver Bullet, Montezuma’s Revenge, Supreme Scream, and Boomerang. These are all the intense roller coasters, of course. For something less intense, Bigfoot Rapids is a fun ride if you want to get soaked. Pony Express may be a kid ride, but it’s pretty fast. There are also bumper cars, a carousel, and a ferris wheel. The best for those unwilling to go on anything that lifts off the groups is probably Iron Reef, a super fun shooting game. One group went on it 10 times (nerds). We definitely recommend going on that one.

While the rides were thrilling, the food was “knott”. The food in the park was very expensive and came in small portions. Some students felt sick from eating the food.

The last highlight are the games. In one portion of the park, there is an area filled with carnival games where you can win prizes. Some games require skill, like the basketball shooting game or the soccer game. Others are easier to win, like the guessing game. At the end of the day, everyone met up, and everywhere you could see students with the prizes they won. People won stuffed animals, guitars, hats, etc.

At around 8 we got back to the school. It was a worthwhile experience. Even if your day was subpar, everyone learned something from the trip.


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